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You need 60-99 Hours per month dedicated to your business.

Your Perks include:

  • A Dedicated Team
  • 12%-17% off hourly services
  • Hours are reserved for your business
  • Advanced Customer Support
  • Back Up Support
  • Convenient Payment Plan
  • No limit on the number of tasks you can send
  • No extra charge for urgent tasks
  • Unused Hours Roll Over*
  • No Set Up Fees


You need 100-159 Hours per month dedicated to your business.

Your Perks Include:

  • Everything in the Go-Getter Plan
  • More value per minute, less knowledge transfer
  • Ability to put in complicated requests over the phone or via text
  • Proactive approach to identify and remove issues
  • VIP Branding Package
  • VIP Promotion Status
  • VIP Chatbot Pricing


You need 160+ Hours per month dedicated to your business.

Your Perks Include:

  • Everything in the Rising Star Plan
  • Utility Belt Access
  • Project Planning
  • Dedicated, helpful account manager
  • Top Priority Access
  • VIP Chatbot Pricing
  • POC for any problems that arise
  • Special Access to Deals & Packages
  • Utility Belt Updates
  • + Much More

Businesses are finally starting to get value out of using messenger bots. Companies like Sephora, Nitro Cafe, 1–800 Flowers, Marriott, Snap-Travel, and Coca-Cola are starting to see returns.

Marriott currently has 3 different messenger bots and they are working on more. After seeing some very big early wins, 1–800 Flowers is going all in by developing bots for each major channel. All in all, bots are finally starting to win businesses over and according to an Oracle survey, 80% of businesses want messenger bots by 2020.

There are 10 big industry areas in which messenger bots are helping companies.

Want to know how our messenger bots can help your industry/business and how much it will cost?  Click the Link below!

Unlimited Support & Updates

At MVO, We are DEDICATED to YOUR SUCCESS. We strive to ensure that you always have support when and how you need it. We stay up-to-date with the latest tech trends in order to bring you unmatched resources and service. Our updated systems and the way we work ensure your peace of mind.

Go Advanced for Hourly Services

For the days you are too busy to train and just need someone who knows exactly what to do, to go in and get it done! Period.