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Imagine being able to be in constant welcomes contact with your target audience and customers?

Imagine being able to schedule your consultations, appointments, viewings, call backs and much more on auto pilot?  How about sending messages and answering customer service queries? 

Want to know more? Keep reading! 

Messenger Marketing – noun – the act of leveraging mobile, chat platforms to facilitate conversations and commerce with prospects and customers.


Because all communications is through Messenger, It is already highly responsive and also gives real time communication. We can add code to refer people by name, plus, the app is linked with Facebook API, hence, you automatically upload all subscriber emails automatically to your Email CRM. 


From your logo to your brands voice, we are able to build your messenger bots in such a way that engages your subscribers and prompts them to keep active with your updates. Whatever the message you want to convey, your bot can be highly customized to represent your business. 

Customer support

We know you can’t man your business 24/7. The cost of employing a 24/7 customer support team would bring you in the hundreds of thousands for salaries. Your messenger bot can be your all in one FAQs and customer support solution for your customers and target audience. 

Engaging Script

We create engaging copies that go great with your messenger bot. Our scripts encourage user interaction and keep them interested in what you have to stay. We BUILD meaningful conversations! 


Troubleshooting and fixing any issues that may arise with your messenger bot is what we do. Our commitment to building conversations that convert into clients and customers is second to none and we don’t compromise on that! 

New Updates

A part of our monthly maintenance package is that we include updating your messenger bot the moment new features or upgrades are available. Ensuring you get the 100% best from your bot. 

World-Class Productivity

Whether on their Mobile, Tablet or Desktop, customers are online 24/7 and there’s no denying the fact that we’re moving away from emails, SMS and phone calls. More and more we’re using mobile-friendly messenger apps like Facebook Messenger, iMessage, and WhatsApp to keep in touch with friends, family, and even businesses.

It’s the quickest, easiest, and most convenient way to reach someone.

Is it any wonder, then, why Facebook Messenger Marketing is the most exciting new marketing channel to come by in a long, long time?


 Messenger Bots & Messenger Marketing

It’s going to be THE channel

And if you’re skeptical about any of this, look no further than China—where this exact thing has already happened.

In China, over 900 million people use WeChat each month, making it the most widely used app in the country.

It’s The Beginnings of Messenger Commerce

Today, people around the world are buying products and services directly through Messenger—and this is another trend that is certain to keep growing rapidly. Businesses can now accept payments via debit/credit card right inside their messenger. 

Messenger Is Quickly Becoming A Mainstream Channel For Businesses

Right now, Messenger Marketing is still relatively new. Niche. Unknown to most people, however, Keep in mind, messenger is an ideal platform for conversation.

People already use it and trust it.

And it’s got some great benefits for companies who want to keep in touch with their customers.

Messenger Marketing Is Expanding To Even More Platforms

WhatsApp has opened their API and is in private beta, with plans to open their API publicly in 2019. You can 100% expect that we will be one of the first companies to offer automated WhatsApp messaging.

iMessage is following suit with the launching of Business Chat. They’re also opening up their API, and once again—we will upgrade our maintained clients with it.

Finally, Android Messages. If you haven’t heard of RCS, it stands for “Rich Communication Services.” Basically, Google is trying to make this the successor to text messaging (SMS).

Messenger Marketing Will Overtake Email Marketing

Messenger Marketing will overtake email marketing as the predominant sales, marketing, and support channel for businesses.

You can bet on it.

And for anyone who’s skeptical, let’s just take a look at some more facts below. 

Messenger has a 4x higher open rate.

MailChimp conducted research spanning millions and millions of emails, and they announced that the average open rate for an email is 20%. That means for every 5 emails you send, 1 person will open it.

Messenger, on the other hand, has open rates that are regularly in the 70%-90% range. Almost everyone opens their messages on Messenger.

Messenger has an 8x – 12.5x higher click-through rate.

As part of that same research, MailChimp tells us that the average CTR for email marketing is 2.4%. Think about that for a second. That means you have to send over 41 emails just to get 1 single person to click on one.

But not on Messenger. We’re seeing click-through rates of 20%-30%. And that’s a strong signal that people don’t just open these messages—they read and interact with them.

Messenger Generates 1.6x more revenue.

The team at Recart tested the use of email marketing vs. Messenger Marketing for an abandoned shopping cart campaign. The results? The Messenger campaign recovered 1.6x more revenue than the email marketing campaign. And keep in mind that Messenger Commerce is still in its early stages, which means that your ability to make sales through Messenger should only get more effective over time.

When you put it all together, it’s easy to see why many of the smartest and most forward-thinking marketers in the world already value Messenger subscribers more than email subscribers.

With way higher open rates and click-through rates, a Messenger subscriber is already 5-10x more valuable than an email address.”
—Ezra Firestone, CEO @ Smart Marketer

When I compare the sales and traffic I can drive from 250k email subscribers vs 35k Messenger subscribers, I value 1 Messenger subscriber to 77 email subscribers. Chips. In.”
—Derry Brown, Messenger Bot User


Enjoy 80% or more open rates with Messenger Bots

Early Adopters Will Win Big

Just think—if you could go back in time 10 years and begin investing in email marketing and building a list of email subscribers BEFORE email became overly saturated the way it is today…how valuable would that have been to you over the past decade?

Well, that time for Messenger Marketing is NOW.

If you get started with Messenger Marketing now, then you will be light-years ahead of your competitors in a couple years when this channel goes mainstream.


What Does 2019 and Beyond Hold for Messenger Bots?

You’ll be among the leaders in your space.

But if you don’t…if you wait 3-5 years…if you wait until Messenger Marketing is so huge that you have no choice but to get in on it…

Then it will be too late. You’ll be playing catch-up and struggling to stand out from the sea of competitors who have already established a presence on Messenger.

Don’t sleep on this. The time to strike is now!

Want to Grow Your Business With Messenger Marketing?

Make no mistake: Facebook Messenger Marketing is going to be a huge marketing channel for everyone—consultants, e-commerce companies, brick & mortar stores, public figures and celebrities, event organizers, and more—for the foreseeable future.

Everyone can benefit from integrating Facebook Messenger into their marketing strategy. And given how fast Messenger Marketing is growing, the sooner the better.

If you don’t want to avoid missing out on the biggest marketing opportunity on the horizon, the first step is to sign up for our messenger bot build and messenger marketing services. It’s fast, easy, and reasonably priced to get started. 

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