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How do you proactively address my needs?

We identify and streamline inefficient processes to cut down on meetings, or identify more cost-effective methods for producing a particular good or service. We don’t just solve problems when you assign them; we’ll be constantly looking for ways to streamline and improve your workflow to help you save time and money if and when possible.

What methods do you prefer for communication?

We are comfortable utilizing any and all Apps or programs to communicate. These are: Skype, Google Hangouts, Ring Central, Whatsapp, Phone, Zoom, Email, etc.

How do you find your Virtual Assistants/Team Members? How do I know I can trust them with my business?

Our screening, testing, and recruitment are detailed and rigorous. We have reviewed over 3,000 resumes to find the best candidates for our team. Each potential candidate completes a test in their skilled area to assess their communication, work style, and abilities. They are then interviewed multiple times by our management so that we can learn more about their skills and experience. If a candidate passes these interviews, we then speak with 2-3 past employers in order to get further insight into their abilities, ethics, and character. After which, they are required to provide a Police Report to prove they are law-abiding members of society.  We train the team weekly hence, we are ALWAYS on top of the industry trends.

I want to work with your agency, what is my next step?

The next step is to get on a call with our client success manager. We will discuss your mission, goals, current business strategy and how we can assist with the various areas of your neverending need-to-do-list.

Is my Information confidential?

100% YES! ALL information shared will NEVER be used outside of the agreed terms and will remain 100% confidential. We are happy to sign ANY NDA offered and can guarantee the utmost care when handling sensitive information.

What tasks can your agency help with?

Our Virtual Assistant  Agency can help you with just about anything. From marketing, email management, executive & real estate assistance, paralegal work and more. Need a website designed? We’re on it. Create a social media post? Sure thing. Create/Manage your Online shopping store? Done. Book that reservation? We’ve got you covered. We can do pretty much anything that can be done virtually (online or over the phone).

Do I work with one Virtual Assistant or is there a pool of people available to me?

MVO Prides itself on offering an entire arsenal that backs you when the going gets tough. We work hard and smart so you can focus on the big picture. Why Hire a Virtual Assistant, a Web designer, A Social Media Manager etc? We have ALL you need under one roof.

Is there a minimum commitment?

As we cater primarily to entrepreneurs, busy professionals, small/medium companies and non-profits who require maximum flexibility, we keep our monthly minimum commitment very low, at 10 hours/week. We know that client needs fluctuate and some months are busier than others and are happy to accommodate this. When you have a busy season (gearing up for a major event, launching a new website) your hours will increase. When you’re on vacation or hitting your slow season (May/June for tax accountants, for example) your hours will decrease. There is never pressure to outsource more work than is advantageous to you, and you are not committed financially to anything above 10 hours/week.

Do my hours Roll Over?

Absolutely!!! it wouldn’t be fair if they didn’t. Why should you be forced to use up time you don’t need yet, or be charged for the time you haven’t used? Because our services are pre-paid, we have a duty to ensure your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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