We’re now officially ushering in the era of messenger marketing chatbots! Whether you’re aware or not, chatbots are rapidly penetrating the digital marketing space. Very soon traditional email marketing and other methods we are fond of will become less relevant… not completely disappear… but the truth is, the market is going to gravitate to messenger marketing.  Chatbots are so disruptive it’s not a matter if, rather when you adopt!

Mclean Virtual Office, Ltd has clear insight into this new paradigm. We offer messenger marketing, messenger bot building and integrations services for over 10+ industries and 80+ business segments. 

Messenger marketing is changing the way brands connect and interact with prospects and customers.  In short, chatbots provide a 24/7 efficient, effective and cost effective approach to managing sales and customer service. 

So what exactly is a messenger marketing chatbot?

Well, Chatbots deploy complex procedural and declarative programming elements. They imitate and carry on conversations; they understand questions, provide automated responses and seamlessly perform tasks.  

Why should you invest in messenger marketing and chatbots?

The applications for messenger chatbots are endless and all businesses will reap benefits from a customized chatbot integration based on the several benefits listed below and more.

Obvious messenger bot benefits:

  1. 24/7 availability

Live chat personnel need rest, chatbots don’t!  Often, prospect’s desire to search for products and services arise outside business.  Chatbots eliminate prospect and customer wait times and delayed response.  Prospects and customers feel like they’re conversing with a living person, so much so the State of California requires disclosure that you’re interacting with a chatbot. 

2. Seamless hand offs to sales staff 

Messenger chatbots are intelligently programmed; they analyze prospect’s needs, answer a plethora of questions affording sales staff time to easily qualify leads and perform the most specific and high volume follow up.

3. After sale engagement/follow up

Messenger chatbots are not limited to inbound sales, they engage customers with outbound customer service as well, say for instance, one of your customers has an issue after a sale, a messenger chatbot can seamlessly connect customers directly to the right member of your staff to resolve specific issue.

Other messenger marketing bot benefits include:

  1. Improved customer engagement – Chatbots can establish personalized customer interactions to provide them with credible shopping advice based on their purchase history and preferences.

 2. Marketing funnel guidance – Chatbots won’t keep prospects waiting. They seamlessly guide them through every aspect of the sale, addressing each query as they arise.

3. Relevant notifications – Chatbots are knowledgeable about predicting customer behavior. Because of this, they can push the appropriate notifications to the right people, every time.

4. Broadened reach – Chatbots can reach out to innumerable prospects through social media like no human could ever achieve.

5. Heighten brand value – Chatbots can catch customer attention through historical interactions and gather and analyze customer feedback and data. This is then used to effectively communicate your brand to the right people in the best way

Creating a personality driven messenger chatbot will grow your business, exponentially generating more qualified prospects, click through rates and conversions. They offer an incredible array of capabilities including sales, marketing, customer service, virtual assistance, and more that increase profits at a high ROI. 

Jump on the chatbot rage!  Let Mclean Virtual Office, Ltd expert builders and integrators will help you deploy your messenger chatbot today! 

Below are some of the businesses we can cater to:

Retail eCommerce 


Sports & Entertainment

News & Publishing

Banking & Financial



Real Estate 






Beauty & Fashion 


& more

Interestingly, a survey conducted by Oracle found that 80% of brands plan to use chatbots by 2020. Another survey by Ubisent study also revealed 35% of consumers want more companies using bots.  Keep up with the technology times and competition, if not beat them to it! 

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