The Virtual Assistant Company that can Digitally Transform your Business and Career. 

What could you be doing with your time if you were not buried in administrative/tech detail?

We offer Training, Strategy Set-up and Done-For-You services tailored for your business and career needs!


Did You Know?

Many companies pay an average Administrative Assistant $31,000 yearly or a web designer/programmer $73,000 yearly, or a Social Media Manager of $54,000 to have them in-house. 

With Mclean Virtual Office Ltd, you choose your services and ONLY pay one flat hourly rate or project rate. PLUS, you get to access the skills, dedication and commitment of an entire team! 


Our Services

Business Operations

Let us help you get the ball rolling where it needs to, so you can focus on what TRULY matters to you at any point in time!

Graphics & Design

You’ve got the idea, now make it official with the perfect design. Whether it’s a Logo, Social Media or infographic design, we have you covered.

Business Operations

Your Business = OUR Passion. Outsource small-large admin tasks so you can focus on growth. Enjoy access to our Virtual Assistant Arsenal.

Writing & transcription

We have a way with words. Get copy, transcription & editorial work done that will blow away your readers.

Digital Marketing

A new wave of marketing at your fingertips. Using the best and most efficient apps to produce a high ROI and ROAS.

Programming & tech

Get all the technical bells and whistles at a great deal. Our utility belt boasts an amazing arsenal of tools that are guaranteed to help you win.

Video & Animation

Your story’s unique. Tell it differently with custom video & animation services. We specialize in whiteboard and explainer animation videos that bring your point across effortlessly.

Digital Media Marketing

Do more than regular advertising. Get digital marketing services for the growth you need. FB, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin & PInterest don’t stand a chance!

We’ve listened carefully to clients over the years and assembled a team with the variety of skills that clients need as they grow.

Why should you have to find an Assistant, and then find a Web designer, and then find a Social Media Marketing Manager, SEO Specialists, Video & Animation designer etc? Our Services are here to serve YOU!